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  • What is INA?

    As the name goes, Introvert Network Asia (INA) is a ground-up initiative, formed by a quiet group of professionals and business owners who seek to connect with other introverts. We prefer small group conversations to larger events and always enjoy the one-to-one chats with each other in this group. Beyond online connection and meet-ups, INA builds the environment for training, mentoring and self-development programmes.



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  • Testimonies​

    Thanks for organising this (ROUNDTABLE RECULSE). It was really well run and the vibe was good. As it was my first session I was apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect. I was thinking all introverts what if no one wants to share? But it was unnecessary worry. From the answers that the group gave I realised I could really relate and it’s so nice to see introverts who have mastered the art of switching their extroversion for work on and off. Looking forward to more of such events.



    Chinese Tutor


    I am really glad there’s a platform like INA RoundTable Recluse for those of us who prefer to share in a more intimate setting. Kudos to Joy through skilful facilitation gave attention to everyone and managing everyone’s expectations. Honoured that those present were sincere and honest in their sharing. Look forward to the next one!



    Consultant, Financial Services


    Lovely session at R&R where we get to hear of the experiences from different introverts sharing their personal take on common questions! Simple questions with such diverse responses, had lots of fun listening to them! Looking forward to more of such session.



    Digital Marketer


    Thank you for the special care, and providing the opportunity to meet the others to start shedding my networking anxieties. I enjoyed meeting and interacting with the wonderful folks. The business tips were relevant and to the point — since it’s all so new to me, I found them very useful.


    Dr. Mala B.

    Life Coach, Educational Therapist, & Trainer


    It was unintimidating, rather fun as there were activities thought of by the facilitators to create opportunities for interaction. It was a very easy event to shed the introvertness in me! Plus, I got reunited with a primary school classmate!


    Kevin Phun

    Specialist (Sustainable Development, Sustainable Tourism, IGIT Consulting


    It’s very welcoming. A good space for introvert myself to start networking. I’m really glad to meet new friends and share more about my business. It’s also very interactive, we could comfortably talk to new people. Thumbs up to Kevin and Mervin for being great hosts. Looking forward to future events!


    Shafiq Hanapi

    Make & Think


    It was a more interactive, objective-based and purposeful meet up than usual networking session. Good guidance from facilitators in changing our thinking from "how to fulfil our dreams" to "how can we fulfil others dreams by doing what we do".


    Christopher Chee

    Chrispy's Photography

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  • Meet Mervin Yeo

    INA Founder

    Meet Mervin

    Whenever I am asked the question why I started the introvert community in Singapore in May 2013, the immediate reply would go something like this:


    “I just wanted introverted people to get out of their cubicles, get off the online platform to an offline one, where we can connect with others, introvert or not, in business or otherwise, male or female, to gain knowledge, learn from the experiences of others, talk shop and do business.”


    Introverts Network Asia (INA) started off at Meetup.com as “Networking Just For Introverts” on 29 April 2013, but the first meetup was on 13 May 2013. Since that afternoon at the meeting room in Oromo Coffee, Shaw Tower, we have organised and facilitated more than 80 meetups – social, casual, business meetings as at December 2018.


    Introverts are known to make meaningful connections and we need to harness that power. That’s when we realised that we needed a community of our own. The rapid growth of the online community is proof of this latent need.


    I see the community as a platform for nurturing the hidden leader in introverts. Introverts Network Asia (INA) aims to dispel myths about introversion and inspire its community to take up leadership roles in their organisations and be role models and influencers in whatever capacities they maye be in, corporate or business. We must overlook our introversion as a barrier to making it to higher leadership positions. I want introverts to embrace their introversion and at the same time gain confidence to relate, interact and make meaningful conversations.


    Observing and running the networking community gives me a lot of satisfaction, seeing and hearing how they enjoyed the conversations and connections with members and guests. I look forward to more good years of interactions, shared learning and self-development. Currently we have regular meetups and acitivites in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. I hope INA will soon open up groups in other cities in the region.

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  • Interview with Channel News Asia

    with Mervin Yeo

    Interviewing Our Founder

    Our founder Mervin Yeo, Chef Judy Koh and Absolute Collective CEO, Jonathan Chew talks about what makes an introvert a good leader in the business world. Here’s the full video interview from Channel News Asia’s morning program, First Look Asia.


    Credits: Mediacorp


  • It’s (Almost) Like A Community Built For Yourself, By Yourself!

    Ok, that may sound a little exaggerating (like a non-introvert). But that is the underlying motivation INA has. To uplift and propel introverts to another level that wouldn’t be possible if we are to do it alone, as an individual.

    At INA, we Connect and Grow together.

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