• About Us

    We are a growing, quiet group of professionals and business owners who seek to connect with other introverts. We prefer small group conversations to larger events and always enjoy the one-to-one chats with each other in this group.


    We want to learn how to better relate, network and interact not only with introverts but with extroverts too. But we are not in a rush to welcome extroverts to this group. While business is important, we feel that it’s more important for us to feel comfortable in an environment that allows us to be ourselves. It’s tough enough out there.


    If you are an introvert or introverted and looking for a platform to network, you are welcome here. We schedule meetings twice monthly to cater to employees as well as entrepreneurs. We will talk about work, business, family or life experiences.


    Introverts Network Asia (INA) aims to create a introvert-friendly environment for fellow entrepreneurs to connect, network and learn from each other.


    To be Asia’s leading professional networking platform for introverts, allowing members to purposefully connect while empowering them to impact the marketplace and community.


    To provide introverts in Asia with the excellent environment for purposeful interactions, learning and business transactions through various networking, training, mentoring and self-development programmes.


    We strive to create a positive and nurturing environment where introverts can gain confidence in social interaction, interpersonal communications, and develop leadership potential.

  • Meet Our Team



    Executive Team & Country Reps

    Mervin Yeo


    Mervin is the founder of Introverts Network Singapore in May 2013.

    Ashley Choo


    She takes personal responsibility to steward the profession.

    She has always been passionate about referrals marketing.

    Wan Tung Han


    I have been in the property investment industry locally and abroad. I’ve been with INA since it started as Networking Just For Introverts in 2013

    Sin Kok Wai

    Website Management & Tech Support

    Kok Wai is a photographer, media trainer, content producer and almost a website geek.

    Joshua Ambrose Koh


    Ety works as a Procurement in the export-import industry. Was previously an English Teacher.

  • Our Advisors & Strategic Partners

    Melverick Ng


    I have been in the property investment industry locally and abroad. I’ve been with INA since it started as Networking Just For Introverts in 2013

    M Haidar Hanif


    An Educator, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Consultant with more than 10 years of experience.

    Joy Hou

    Strategic Partner

    Joy Hou is a Registered Psychologist who takes a special interest in the mental and emotional well-being of individuals.

    Andrew Parker​

    Strategic Partner

    After a 25 yrs in the corporate world, he started his own consulting business in 2018. Andrew is the founder of Wasabi Consulting and The Anxious Executive initiative.

    Remus Zhong

    Strategic Partner

    Author of ‘The Introvert Teacher‘, a book that aims to help introverts understand, accept and embrace themselves for who they are

    Chua Kheng Seng


    In the financial services industry for the past 16 years, specialising in retirement & investment planning. I've joined INA activities since 2013.

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