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I am an Introvert, Proud one to be

by Della Ng (Creative Consultant)

I am an introvert

Proud one to be

There are many things

You don't know about me

Mistake my quietness

For timidity

I observe a lot more

Closer to reality

Like to be discreet

Stand next to the food

Blend in with wallpaper

If only I could

Instead of partying

I rather go home

It'll be downtime

To be all alone

Prefer small groups

Four is a crowd

Be reminded

I'm quiet, not loud

The extrovert in class

One you can tell

When it's lunch time

I escape to stairwell

Too many movements

Worn out to the core

Some think I am antisocial

For activities I ignore

Please be patient

When answers are slow

We know a lot more

Than we put on show

I am an introvert

Meet me one day

In cosy small groups

Come join the INA

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