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Importance of conducive environment for introverts to grow at our own pace

By Lee Hui Fang

Forced to grow up.

I started my career in sales. I was having a hard time trying to meet so many people continuously with little or no break in between appointments. I thought I had to adjust myself to be loud as this is a noisy extroverted world. I won’t be heard if I am not loud enough. I forced myself to speak more as I realized there is not going to be any sales if I keep quiet. No talk no money.

I was lucky to have excellent training. Week after week, I was trained to speak better. I trained myself up to be a speaker talking to a few then a dozen then few dozens. I moved on to become a trainer, training new associates to be able to facilitate the workshops and become a speaker.

This is a very satisfying journey to grow myself and others. However, it is a very draining one, because I forced myself too much out of my comfort zone.

A-ha moment.

I chance upon this very thick book “Quiet” by Susan Cain.. There were so many a-ha moments as I read through the various chapters. I understood myself better. Why do I feel so awkward whenever I force myself to talk and meet so many people? Why do I feel so uncomfortable on stage?

I learned that ultimately, it is how we manage our energy. I did not give myself the recovery time then. That was why I feel so drained.

The book shared many examples of very successful entrepreneurs who are introverts. Introverts have our strengths too. We analyze before we talk. We seldom make rushed decisions.


It is such a blessing to meet fellow introverts from Introvert Network Asia (INA). I can be myself, be pardoned for taking my time to warm up to them before I start engaging them in conversations. We understand we have this need.

There is no need to be someone we are not.

I look forward to deeper engaging conversations to introverts and extroverts too!

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