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The day I went on stage

by Melverick Ng

As an introvert, for many years I have tried to stay away from public speaking or going up on stage. But along my entrepreneur journey, I have received invitations to speak in conferences and seminars. Yes, it will be a good exposure for my business and myself but the thought of it simply gives me the chill. In the end, I decided that for the good of my company, I have to do it. So I took some training and received coaching on public speaking and building confidence. It took me a few more years before I was ready to do it and finally I went up on stage in Oct 2016.

Today I found that there is an easier and faster way as compared to take years of lessons or training just on 1 single obstacle that I faced as an introvert. The way is to learn how to be an "Adaptive Introvert" and be able to handle any situations in life, even those that I used to struggle as an introvert.

Do you also want to be an "Adaptive Introvert"?

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