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    Quiet Impact Asia

    We help introverts thrive in life!

    Learn the ability to adapt and deliver what is required of you in all situations in life. Be it a business presentation, leading a team or simply just doing a great job at work. Adaptive introverts may find themselves behaving more like extroverts for social and professional gain. It's like they have a selector switch where they can toggle to adapt & react positively in any situations they are in.


    Inner City Offices

    Everything you need to get your work done!

    Founded since 2006, Inner City Offices is an established local serviced office provider offering superior office space. We always believe in private office space as compared to open space. We provide ready-to-use office space for 2 to 5 pax.


    Situated right outside the CBD, you can access area like Orchard Road, MBFC or Ubi within 10mins by car. 5mins walk to Circle Line MRT.


    Learn a life skill to un-ouch!

    Ouch! programs are very exclusive hands on programs with personal guidance to ensure you get the acupressure massage techniques right to un-ouch from head to toe for yourself and others. It includes knowledge on how we can stay healthy by keeping our body in BALANCE through EMOTION, TASTE, COLOUR and more!


    The Pufferfish

    Photo . Video . LiveStream . Website

    A multidisciplinary creative boutique. We collaborate and partner with global brands, businesses, and soloprenures to create cost-effective and purposeful content.


    ThePufferfish doesn’t just build a website, nor create photographs or video, nor recommend a chatbot, nor email drip campaign because they are lovely upsell. We only recommend what is useful and purposeful for your business.


    Ray Oh

    Retirement and Risk Management Advise (Great Eastern Financial Advisers Pte Ltd)

    The issue is most people think of building their retirement nest only until they are earning more so that they can have a better nest. Unfortunately, by the time our life gets a bit better, that may also be the time when we become the sandwich generation.

    There is never a good time to start planning for our retirement. But there are advantages to starting early. If we start early, we will have a longer time horizon and that means more time to grow our savings.

    With that in mind, start building your portfolio progressively with 4 areas of concern, protection, accumulation, growth and dispersal of wealth at respective phases of life.



    VoPlus Consulting

    Helping thousands of companies with incorporation, secretary & accounting

    Our services span from incorporation, work pass and immigration consulting to other business support services. We also offers a comprehensive range of accounting services, including bookkeeping, taxation and payroll.


    Powered By Passion

    Visual Content Creator in the Digital Space

    Powered By Passion is here to support the many businesses and solopreneurs in creating marketing posters for the social media platform.

    MetaCircle International

    Reach Your Highest Potential

    MetaCircle International has been helping clients reach their highest potential through its bespoke boutique training and business consultancy since 2008.

    Individuals, solopreneurs, SMEs and organizations, have benefited from the consultancy, training, coaching and speaking engagements. They continue to grow and adapt in an ever-changing environment. Sphere of specialization includes curriculum and courseware design, facilitation skills for experiential learning, servicescape and creative fields from floristry to fashion to visual merchandising to styling in products and phonetography.

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