Ray Oh

Retirement and Risk Management Adviser
(Great Eastern Financial Advisers Pte Ltd)
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Is retirement a dream in Singapore?

How about having an option to semi retire? To finally able to do what you like to do and not to worry about not having 3 meals a day.

The issue is most people think of building their retirement nest only until they are earning more so that they can have a better nest. Unfortunately, by the time our life gets a bit better, that may also be the time when we become the sandwich generation.

There is never a good time to start planning for our retirement. But there are advantages to starting early. If we start early, we will have a longer time horizon and that means more time to grow our savings.

With that in mind, start building your portfolio progressively with 4 areas of concern, protection, accumulation, growth and dispersal of wealth at respective phases of life.

My name is Ray Oh, representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers (GEFA).

I have few other passions other than helping families maintain lifestyle they’ve grown to love.

I also love scuba diving and photography. It allows me to bond with my family and friends. The amazing experience together often brings people closer.

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