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Everything created, every person born, has a purpose. 

So does every business.


With these innate truth in mind, why would our online presence be created just because everyone else is doing it?


‘Hey let’s get a Tic Tok account too!’, says a health supplement company



What is the reason, purpose and goal of your business?

Is your online presence reflecting your business?


That is the unspoken motto of ThePufferfish.

Usually, it comes in the form of questions upon questions during our meetings, and our famously impactful survey which all of receiving clients have to take days, if not weeks to reply.


ThePufferfish doesn’t just build a website, nor create photographs or video, nor recommend a chatbot, nor email drip campaign because they are lovely upsell.


ThePufferfish builds these because they are the bridge between your business goal and your customers' needs. 


Discover if your online presence is that bridge.






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