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    Introverts can relate just as well in social and business circles. I was inspired by the participants in my online class on networking this week. Their response to my questions showed their openness to share their thoughts and experience about networking and introversion resulted in an enriching...
    For introverts out there who love reading at the library, it is now possible to sit inside libraries to have a quiet read. My introverted child and I visited the Woodlands Regional Library one Saturday evening. We were pleasantly surprised to realise that not only could we now read inside the...
    This Episode is the second in our Interview Series, during which we interview leading Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Coaches. In this episode, Andrew interviews Mervin Yeo, networking expert, adapted introvert and the founder of Introverts Network Asia. They talk about Mervin's career journey,...
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    Chef Judy Koh

    Coffee chat with the Introverted Boss of Creative Culinaire and Cafe Pralet from Singapore on 28 August 2018.


    After 12 years, passion for the work still drives Chef Judy Koh to keep on doing what she loves despite the ups and downs like another business. Her business has expanded overseas, and she travels more than before but she remains humble, realistic and a woman of faith in the God she loves and serves.


    “We should not let that fear stop us, hinder us from (a) bigger mission. Introverts need to go out there and build that business which is in our hearts.”

    Chef JUDY KOH

    Ridjal Noor

    Over a late night cuppa on 23 August 2018, met up with award-winning entrepreneur Ridjal Noor, boss of Pullupstand.com. I ask him about his business, how he started it and how he plans to grow it. Being introverted does not stop him from achieving what he sets out to do. He’s gung-ho, prefers to try, fail, learn and try again rather than wait for everything to fall perfectly in place.

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